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Ancient Aliens Theory Evidence and Photos - According to most Ancient alien theorists and : thousands of years ago, extraterrestrials landed on Earth, where they were hailed as gods and helped shape human civilization. But what proof could possibly exist for such an encounter? Here are two types of evidence: ancient religious texts and physical specimens such as cave drawings, stone sculptures and pyramids. Here are some examples.

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Stone Henge - Even today the origin and meaning of Stone Henge is a mystery.

* The Nazca Lines - Located in South America, etched into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a series of ancient designs stretching more than 50 miles has baffled archaeologists for decades. Along with simple lines and geometric shapes, they include drawings of animals, birds and humans, some measuring more than 600 feet across.

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Because of their colossal size, the figures can only be appreciated from way up in the air —and there is no evidence that the Nazca people, who inhabited the area between 300 B.C. and 800 A.D., invented flying machines. According to ancient alien theorists, the figures were used to guide spaceships as they came in for a landing, and the lines served as runways.

* Vimanas - Many Sanskrit epics, which were written in India more than two millennia ago, contain references to mythical flying machines called vimanas.

There seems to be similarities between descriptions of vimanas and reports by people who claim to have seen UFOs.  Ancient alien theorists have suggested that astronauts from other planets visited India during ancient times.

* The Moai of Easter Island - The Polynesian island of Easter Island is famous for its “maoi”: the 887 giant human figures with enormous heads that guard its coastline.

Approximately 500 years old, these monolithic statues stand 13 feet high and weigh 14 tons, but some are twice as tall and much heavier. How could human beings without sophisticated tools or knowledge of engineering craft and transport such incredible structures? Some ancient alien theorists believe it is the work of visiting extraterrestrials who left their mark on the island.

* Puma Punku - Located in South America, in the Bolivian highlands, Puma Punku is a field of stone ruins scattered with enormous, finely carved blocks. Ancient alien theorists have hypothesized that extraterrestrials with advanced engineering techniques created the site or advised the people who built it.

Puma Punku - Located in the Bolivian highlands, Puma Punku is a field of stone ruins scattered with enormous, finely carved blocks. Such precise workmanship on a massive scale would have been nearly impossible without modern tools and machines, yet the ruins are more than 1,000 years old. Ancient alien theorists have hypothesized that extraterrestrials with advanced engineering techniques created the site or advised the people who built it.  The Stones of Pumu Punku are made up of granite and diorite, and the only stone harder is diamond.  Not only were these stones really hard to cut, but they were also extremely heavy.  One of these stones weighs 800 tons!

* Ezekiel - In the Book of Ezekiel, part of the Hebrew bible, a prophet has a vision of a flying vessel accompanied by fire, smoke and loud noise. Ancient alien theorists have argued that the vehicle described is possibly a modern spaceship.

The Book of Ezekiel - In the Book of Ezekiel, part of the Hebrew bible, a prophet has a vision of a flying vessel accompanied by fire, smoke and loud noise. Some ancient alien theorists have argued that the vehicle’s design closely mirrors that of a modern spaceship. Perhaps the text describes an early encounter between humans and alien astronauts.

* Pacal's Sarcophagus - From Mexico, Pacal the Great ruled over the Mayan city of Palenque during the seventh century. The lid of his sarcophagus is proof and evidence for ancient alien theorists. Look at the picture closely.. it looks like Pacal is pictured in a spaceship, with his hand on controls, his foot on a pedal and an oxygen tube in his mouth?

Pacal's Sarcophagus - From Southern Mexico, Pacal the Great ruled over the Mayan city of Palenque, during the seventh century. He was buried inside a pyramid called the Temple of Inscriptions. The intricately carved lid of his sarcophagus has become a classic work of Mayan art—and also proof and evidence for ancient alien theorists. In their view, Pacal is pictured in a spaceship during takeoff, with his hand on a control panel, his foot on a pedal and an oxygen tube in his mouth.

Sky People - This ancient stone figure, found at the Mayan ruins in Tikal, Guatemala, looks similar to a modern-day astronaut in a space helmet.

Statue of Akhenaten - Akhenaten ascended to the throne as the 10th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty in 1352 B.C. He is depicted in paintings and carvings with an elongated skull, which some ancient alien theorists see as a sign of extraterrestrial heritage.  The picture below is his possible skull.

Possible Skull of Akhenaten - These are remains from a tomb that may be Akhenaten's support the theory that he had an elongated skull.

Ascension of King Solomon - According to legends, King Solomon of Israel had a flying machine that enabled him to travel great distances and make maps of the world. Ancient alien theorists have noticed that many religious texts feature various types of aircraft.

* Dendera Wall Carving - Wall carvings at the Dendera Temple complex in Egypt depict bulb-like objects that Egyptologists believe to be lotus flowers.

Ancient alien theorists and others suggest, the carvings represent the possibility that ancient Egyptians used electric lighting to illuminate their tombs.  There is evidence that shows some of the tunnels, inside the Pyramids, have low enough oxygen levels, fire cannot be sustained to keep the tunnels illuminated.  Were the ancient people using electricity?  Is it possible Aliens showed them this technology as well as the means to build the pyramids? The picture on right shows a helicopter on the left and a spaceship on the right, but these are ancient hieroglyphs.

Great Pyramid of Giza - Ancient alien theorists believe that visitors from other planets helped humans build architectural wonders like Egypt's Giza Pyramid. Not only is Giza an incredible feat of engineering for its time, but it lies at the intersection of the longest lines of latitude and longitude.  How is this possible? Did the builders of the pyramids already understand the Earth was round and its dimensions?  The exact placement Pyramids  (diagram below)suggests they had superior knowledge.

Teotihuacan - Ancient alien theorists have pointed out that some ancient monuments demonstrate a thorough knowledge of astronomy surpassing knowledge of later cultures. The Pyramid of the Sun at Mexico's Teotihuacan, lies at the center of a complex of pyramids, each aligned with a planet in the solar system.  How is this possible?

Teotihuacan Pyramid - According to ancient alien theorists, extraterrestrial visitors may have shared their understanding of space with the humans who built these architectural wonders.  The dimensions of pyramids located across the world from each other seem to match, as if designed by the same architect.

The Mayan Calender and the Ancient Mayan Civilization has been of great interest to Ancient Alien Theorists.  One has to wonder where the ancient Maya got their advanced knowledge in astronomy, mathematics, and other physical sciences. 

What does the Mayan ancient texts say?  

The Mayan  Popol Vuh states, "Men came from the stars, knowing everything, and they examined the four corners of the sky and the Earth's round surface."

The Mayan  Chilam Balam states,  "Beings descended from the sky in flying vessels... white men in flying rings, who can touch the sky."

There have been numerous submerged cities found, thousands of years old, Humans could not have designed and constructed them.

The Piri Reis Map

The medieval map known as the Piri Reis Map allegedly shows the Earth as it is seen from above.  How is this possible in midieval times?

 Here are two images from France, the cave of "Pech Merle" near "Le Cabrerets" c.17,000 - 15,000 BC. The scene depicts a landscape full of wildlife together.  Can you see the saucer shaped objects? The UFO looking objects seem totally out of context.

Here are examples of rock art from Toro Muerto,Peru 12-14,000 years old. Notice the beings have some sort of halo or covering over their heads, almost as if they are supernatural or extraterrestrial (compare with the Val Camonica photo below). Also, in the left hand picture there is some sort of object left of the main being. Possibly a space craft or UFO ?

This cave painting is c.10,000 BC and is from Val Camonica, Italy. It appears to depict two beings in protective suits, similar to astronaut suits, holding strange implements or tools.  What pushed the ancient people to paint this?

Two images c.6000 BC from Tassili, Sahara Desert, North Africa.  Are these depictions of humans ? Also notice the strange disk in the sky in right hand picture.

This strange suited figure was found in Kiev and approximately dated to 4,000 BC. 

This 7000 year old petroglyph was discovered in the province of Querato, Mexico in 1966. Depicts four beings with their arms outstretched below a large oval object radiating what appear to be beams of light.

More strange looking beings (aliens) this time from Sego Canyon , Utah. Estimated up to 5,500 BC.

 Here are illustrations from a book by Lt. Grey. "Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia 1837, 1838, & 1839". He led an expedition in the 19th century near the Glenelg River region of Kimberley, Northern Australia where he came across a series of cave paintings.  Aborigines painted these beings in caves and called them the Wandjina.

Here are more examples of Wandjina. These a images from Kimberley, Australia. Possibly 5,000 years old. Some people believe they may represent Alien beings. Notice the "alien like" shapes to some of the heads.

Here are photos of a number of reptilian entities found in Iraq. Dated at 5000-4500 BC. They are housed in the british museum.

The photos above are figures found in Equador. Notice they appear to be wearing astronaut space suits. You can see a comparison photo with an Apollo astronaut.

Cave Drawings found in Utah, USA.  This picture speaks for itself.

The photo on the left is a pyramid in Tikal, Guatamala and the photo on the right is a pyramid in Cambodia, Angkor Wat

Mound Pyramid in China - Pyramids have been found all across the globe, many seem to follow the same dimensions, as if built by the same architect.  How is this possible?

The Sumerians are one the oldest civilizations known to man.  Here are pictures of the Annunaki  -   The Sumerians believed they were created by the Annunaki.  The Sumerians believed the Annunaki came from the stars to planet earth to mine for gold.  The Annunaki needed workers to mine for gold, so they genetically engineered and created the Sumerians(or humans).

This is photo of the Antikythera Mechanism - This ancient artifact is considered to me the first computer.  How did they have this technology?

This painting is called "The Madonna with Saint Giovannino". Painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449-1494) and hangs as part of the Loeser collection in the Palazzo Vecchio. Above Mary's right shoulder is a disk shaped object. Below is a blow up of this section and a man and his dog can clearly be seen looking up at the object.

Frescos throughout Europe which reveal the appearance of space ships in the skies including this painting in 1350. It seems to depict a small human looking man looking over his shoulder - at another UFO as if in pursuit - as he flies across the sky in what is clearly a space ship. The leading craft is decorated with two twinkling stars, one reminiscent of national insignia on modern aircraft. This painting hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monestary in Kosovo, Yugoslavia.

Here is another famous paintings showing a UFO looking objects in the background.

Ancient Alien Theorist believe Aliens may have influenced early Religious thought.

Ancient Astronaut?

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has often been described as the real-life Indiana Jones. As a trailblazer he is changing the way the world thinks about the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

For over 10 years, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos has been the Director of Erich von Daniken's Center for Ancient Astronaut Research (A.A.S. R.A. - Archaeology, Astronautics and SETI Research Association). He is also the Publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world's only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal (

As the world's leading Ancient Astronaut expert, Giorgio has starred in and appeared on The History Channel, the Travel Channel, the National Geographic Channel, the Sci-Fi Channel, Coast to Coast AM, and many other international television and radio programs such as UFO HUNTERS and ANCIENT ALIENS reporting about the latest discoveries in the Ancient Astronaut field.

In 2009, Tsoukalos starred in and was the Consulting Producer for The History Channel's very successful 2-hour documentary ANCIENT ALIENS which was produced by Prometheus Entertainment. ANCIENT ALIENS is the best and most compelling Ancient Astronaut documentary ever made next to when CHARIOTS OF THE GODS came out as a movie in 1972. ANCIENT ALIENS features the world's top Ancient Astronaut experts such as Erich von Daniken, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, David H. Childress, Michael A. Cremo, Jason Martell, Dr. Luis E. Navia, Barry Downing and many others.

Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries ...and counting). Today, he is one of a few people who have actually visited and explored nearly all the mysterious places our planet has to offer.


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Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

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Ancient Aliens is a term used to describe the aliens that once visited our planet long ago (Also known as the Ancient Astronaut Theory or Ancient Alien Theory).  Looking at historic accounts form the Hopi Indians,  Egyptians, Maya, Aztec, and many other ancient civilizations, they all mention strange phenomenons that come from the sky like our modern day UFOs.  Made famous by the book Chariots of the Gods, Ancient Aliens now captivate the minds and imaginations of those who seek for answers to the age old question, "Are we alone?"  Today, sites like the Nazca lines, Egyptian Pyramids, and Mayan Pyramids all point to the existence of Ancient Aliens.  The question now, will these Ancient Aliens come back to visit or are they still here?   A mesmerizing topic that has captivated millions of people, Ancient Aliens brings to life the possibility that we are not alone in the cosmos.  Ancient Aliens gives us a new perspective of proving that life does exist beyond our planet by looking within our very own past history and civilizations.  Ancient Aliens has now captured the interest of millions through the pop-culture vehicles of the History Channel  (Ancient Aliens series), websites, and the most famous Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods.  This book introduced the Ancient Aliens theory to the masses. 

Now, Ancient Aliens researchers, like Giorgio A. Tsoukalos,  have begun to take a closer look into our recent past to see what evidence exists to prove that Ancient Aliens are still influencing the minds of humans and are attempting to control the planet as they once did.  Looking into more recent history and the proof of Ancient Aliens helps us understand the reality of the subject.  With modern day videos and accounts from pilots, soldiers, citizens, and governments the Ancient Alien Theory influence seems to be more rampant than previously expected. 

Ancient Aliens were visitors from our human ancient past that descended on our ancient civilizations and influenced the course of our planet.  From Reptilian Aliens, Grey Aliens and Arcturians, our planet has seen a drastic change because of the decisions Ancient Aliens and past civilizations made.  Proof of Ancient Aliens visiting Earth are now found throughout the world including, but not limited to, Ancient Egypt, Peru (Nazca Lines), Central America and many more locations!  With the Ancient Aliens archives – like Ancient Aliens Blog, Ancient Aliens Videos, Ancient Aliens Evidence & Photos, Facebook, Twitter, and a Guestbook - you can continue to research and update your knowledge about Ancient Aliens from one web location.  Aliens Were Here examines the ancient past of our planet and the effect ancient aliens had on our civilizations in the past and even in the present.  Come discover the Ancient secrets of Life beyond our planet!  Join and its in depth look at the Ancient Aliens and their past and present influence they have on our civilizations.   We will explore the questions like "Who were the Ancient Aliens?" What did they want from humans?" and "Are Ancient Aliens still among us?" Ancient Aliens Theory, the theory that will revolutionize the world once we prove it is real!

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